Baby's Hand

Hello, listen to my story from conception to birth! -Baby O

Hey, what about us? -Baby O - 2.0


A voice for the voiceless, Speak LIFE expresses to readers and listeners the signs and wonders of life! Inspiring us in about 100 words, segments capture the essence of the imagination as baby, babies -and sometimes Momma- tell the story of a unique and marvelous design unfolding week by week.

Mother and daughter team, Alison and Dinah Opdahl, will delight and inform you. Dinah's voice brings to life her mother's writing in this unique series. Follow along as Baby O grows in size and is compared to a grain of rice, an almond, a strawberry, a mango, a pineapple - among other things - and eventually a watermelon!

The family is growing in 2022! Tune in as Baby O figures out she's going to be a big sister! Dinah is joined by her cousins, Rosie & Charlie Subbert as the Speak LIFE series continues. What can be more exciting than a baby on the way? How about two! Their one-of-a-kind dynamic will inform you and make you laugh as they bring this marvelous journey to life!

Listen to how it all started!